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Hot at the top

Brian Church

April 2014

The vast majority of housing chiefs quietly get on with invaluable work. Enough of them. Here’s a noisy minority to make the headlines through colourful capers. As ever, one item is festooned with falsehoods. Can you find it?

Cannabis capers

Max Salsbury

March 2014

Leafing through our news archive, it’s remarkable how many housing stories revolve around cannabis. So, for this month’s Fact or Fiction we thought we’d draw on five of the stranger dopey tales from the last few years - and throw in one that’s completely homegrown.

Celebrity supporters

Max Salsbury

Don’t always believe what you read in the tabloids. Celebrities can be a kind bunch, using their precious free time to back good causes and raise morale among workers. Here are six examples of just that within the world of social housing. As ever, five are true and one is so totally made up.

Housing on screen

Max Salsbury

September 2013

For all the drama that unfolds within the sector, the world’s film directors and TV stations don’t seem too interested in social housing - with some exceptions. Now can you guess which of the following highlights are true, and which one is made up?

Social media

Max Salsbury

August 2013

Some housing associations are even keener on social media than Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross. And unlike those TV multi-millionaires, the sector seems to have found a genuinely worthwhile outlet for it (ooh, controversial). The likes of Twitter give landlords the opportunity to reach out and communicate with residents instantaneously, often at the click of a cliché. Some are better at it than others. As per usual, five of the following are straight up and one is sheer bilge. But which one?

Holy Housing

Max Salsbury

July 2013

The Bible has Jesus telling his followers ‘In my Father’s House, there are many rooms’ with one version claiming he added ‘but please don’t tell Lord Freud’. The Church has long been involved with housing (see what we did there), so this month’s Fact or Fiction asks the good question: Which of these items are truthful, and which one is the Devil’s work?

The Chartered Institute of Housing

Max Salsbury

June 2013

Some names and phrases are forever cemented to the world of housing: the NHF, bedroom tax, Lord Best, Peter Rachman, Red Rum, Shelter and, of course, the Chartered Institute of Housing. This month heralds the annual CIH conference so here are six items of interest about the esteemed organisation. As always, five are real and one is totally made up – it’s up to you to work out which.

Housing Characters

Max Salsbury

April 2013

Many a colourful character has graced the world of social housing, leaving a legacy far more powerful than simple bricks and mortar. Some giants still walk the halls of power today, living legends on a path towards greatness. But one of the six profiles on this page is entirely made up. Your mission, should you choose to accept of course, is to find out who isn’t real.

Housing anniversaries

Max Salsbury

March 2013

This year will witness some key anniversaries. Entertainer Danny Kaye was born 100 years ago, while shorthand pioneer Sir Isaac Pitman would have been a very long 200 had his squiggly bits survived (he died in 1897 but sadly nobody could read his will). So what has the social housing sector to celebrate in the year 2013 ADO (Anno David Orr)? As per usual, one of the following six facts is far from true.


Max Salsbury

February 2013

HAWTTMFOF! We’re sure you worked it out, but that’s an acronym for ‘Hello and welcome to this month’s Fact or Fiction’. Like most of the busy modern world, the housing sector loves to shorten stuff (especially tenancies). However some of its time-saving phrases (TSPs) can be a little baffling. So will the experts out there be able to SOTBA (sniff out the bogus acronym) among the FTAR (five that are real)?


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