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Oh Carol

Brian Church

April 2014

Riverside chief executive Carol Matthews is considered one of housing’s most inspirational leaders - making her voice heard loud and clear on a range of issues. The only one who has a problem with her Glasgow accent, it appears, is Desmond ’Stop calling me Brian’ Church.

Every spare bedroom tells a story

Jules Birch

March 2014

Almost a year after its introduction, the bedroom tax has not lost its ability to spring surprises. Jules Birch reports.

Hand of Brendan

Brian Church

February 2014

Family Mosaic chief executive Brendan Sarsfield is taking residents on a journey where tenure and responsibility sit firmly side by side. And there’s no hiding at the back. The result is not always a comfortable ride. Interview by Brian ‘I don’t do deadlines’ Church.

Back from the dead

Max Salsbury

March 2014

Dismissed by the coalition government as a risible New Labour folly, the eco-town has been largely forgotten in recent years as attention turns to a possible new wave of garden cities. But something is stirring in rural Oxfordshire…

'Don't be drawn into lazy assumptions'

Ruth Cooke

January 2014

Ruth Cooke became one of the housing sector’s youngest chief executives when she took the top job at Midland Heart in 2012 at the age of 36. Her advice to young housing professionals is simple: ‘If you’re good enough, you’re old enough’.

Stairway to heaven: How to get ahead in housing

Hannah Allen

January 2014

With young housing professionals desperate to climb the career ladder, 24housing’s 2013 Young Leaders winner Hannah Allen demands a change in sector thinking and calls for the different generations to work together to make it happen.

Keep on running

Brian Church

December 2013

Keepmoat chief executive Dave Sheridan has moved from a Middlesbrough council estate to running a company with a £1 billion turnover. 24housing deputy editor Brian Church went along for the ride.

Happy new year?

Jules Birch

December 2013

Jules Birch reviews 2013 and highlights what you should look out for in an action-packed 2014.


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