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A big year for housing - 2015 predictions

Max Salsbury

January 2015

With 2015 threatening to be a pivotal year in so many ways, we asked the great and good of housing (plus a few hangers on) for their predictions on what the next 12 months will hold. Those easily frightened should look away now.

The housing review of the year

Jules Birch

December 2014

As another action-packed and controversial year for housing draws to a close, Jules Birch looks back on the high, but mainly low, points of 2014.

Death to #hashtags - long live innovation

Matt Leach

November 2014

As the war between housing’s tech pioneers and traditionalists drones on, housing data geek Matt Leach, chief executive of HACT, explains why the noise on social media will soon become irrelevant.

#HousingDay 2014: Hats off to Capon

Jon Land

November 2014

This year’s #HousingDay on 12 November promises to be a momentous event as we attempt to spread positive housing stories to as wide an audience as is feasibly possible. Here we meet the man behind the hashtag, Adrian Capon, and find out about plans for the big day.

Like a Knightstone cowboy

Brian Church

October 2014

He mocks the Guardian and is determined to ride his own path in an unadventurous sector. Brian Church meets saddle-soulmate Nick Horne, the chief executive of Knightstone Housing Association.

Blurred lines

Neil Merrick

July/August 2014

Given the growing popularity of private renting – and government incentives to build more PRS homes – the logical step is for housing associations to make the market their own. Neil Merrick reports.

Behind the mask

Neil Merrick

September 2014

What skills are required to lead a modern housing association? Following a flurry of recent changes at the top, Neil Merrick investigates what makes the perfect housing CEO.


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