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Freedom of choice

November 2012



In the new world of regulation, housing providers have more freedom than many of us can remember.

Alison Hadden
Chief Executive
Paradigm Housing

Without key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) and the dictats from the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) we again have the ability to choose exactly what our priorities are and how to meet them. That does put the onus on us to make sure we’re not just blindly pursuing activities that are good to have but not essential.

Working mainly in the South East where a lack of affordable housing is most acute, Paradigm believes the priority is to provide as many new homes as possible.

We will continue to provide high-quality services to existing customers but will no longer (through the encouragement of the KLOEs) aim to provide services the majority of home owners, and those in the private sector, can only dream of.

We will look carefully at the “added benefits” customer involvement and community engagement can bring. We’ll be continually asking whether we should provide support for local projects or new homes for local people? It’s a stark choice but one that has to be made. We continue to drive down costs and are quite clear that surpluses must grow. There are a lot of families out there who need a home and a roof over their head.

Quite simply that out-bumps any other priority.