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CIH poll shows strong public support for next government borrowing to build

23rd April 2015

Two thirds of Londoners and 60% of renters strongly support the next government borrowing money to build more homes, according to a new poll. The survey, carried out by Ipsos MORI for the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), found that 54% of adults in England would support government borrowing to fund more affordable homes for people to buy or rent. A fifth (21%) were opposed while a quarter (24%) said they would neither support nor oppose. CIH head of policy Melanie Rees said: “We ne...

Shelter survey shows parental gloom over children’s homeowning hopes

21st April 2015

A new survey from Shelter shows 49% of parents in Britain whose children haven’t bought a home think the only way they will be able to buy is with inheritance from them. The YouGov research, commissioned by the charity, highlighted that many parents feel high house prices and a lack of affordable homes are leaving their children priced out. Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “No parent wants to think the only way for their children to ever own a home of their own is thr...

‘Incompetent’ DIY brothers jailed after building collapse leaves 20 people homeless

16th April 2015

Two brothers have been jailed for safety failures after injuring three people and leaving 20 homeless when a building caved in. A court heard that, despite carrying out structural reforms, the two brothers had no controls in place to support the three-story terrace in Sheffield. Two residents and a builder suffered minor injuries and the immediate area had to be evacuated when the front of the property in Brook Hill and the flats on the two upper floors collapsed on 23 March 2013. HSE principal construction ...

New head of regeneration at Network Housing Group

15th April 2015

Network Housing Group has appointed Anne-Britt Karunaratne as the new interim head of regeneration to deliver its existing 2,000 home regeneration pipeline and find new regeneration opportunities. Karunaratne has worked at Lambeth Council, L&Q, Viridian Housing Association and most recently for United House Ltd as its strategic relations manager. Network group development director Vicky Savage said: “When we set out on this search we wanted a candidate who had the right blend of experie...

Opinion: Why are we building unaffordable homes?

26th March 2015

By Richard Peacock, chief executive, Soha Housing I was pleasantly surprised last week when Soha’s Tenant Scrutiny Group said ‘why are you building unaffordable homes?’ This was a salutary wake-up call as we had just finished celebrating building our 2000th new home since stock transfer.  It was a terrific day when we had one of our original ‘new’ tenants who got their new home in 2000 presenting a bunch of flowers to one of our newest tenants who have recent...

Tower blocks get multi-million pound makeover

25th March 2015

A tower block in the heart of Manchester has been given a dramatic transformation. Humphries Court in Collyhurst has been re-clad with ‘chameleon’ panels, which change colour with the light - the first time that the panels have been used in this way on residential homes in the UK. Tenants in the block have also had new windows and balcony enclosures, as well as decent homes improvements to their kitchens or bathrooms. The scheme is part of a £7 million makeover of four 1960s ...

Opinion: The Tories want to destroy the social housing sector. Don’t let them do it

24th March 2015

By Max Salsbury, 24dash reporter Are you planning on voting for the Conservative Party at the coming election?  It’s a free country; you can vote for whom you please, and I’m not going to stop you. How could I?  Or perhaps you’ll vote for Ukip. Again, that’s your choice. I think it’d be a very, very bad choice; in fact an awful choice. Actually, it’s a dangerous choice, but it’s your right – so do as you will. But anyway, these Tories. ...

Reflections on the Homes For Britain Rally – Finding Our Voice?

23rd March 2015

By Sasha Deepwell, deputy chief executive, Wulvern Housing Association                                                I admire people who can blog on demand and on the spot, producing instant or next day blogs. For me, a little more reflection is needed.  So it has taken me a few days to digest my thoughts on the Homes for Britain rally. I wanted to ensure that I had so...

Developers must provide 50% 'affordable' housing, says council

23rd March 2015

Croydon Council has said that residential developments built outside of the town centre will be required to provide a minimum 50% 'affordable' housing. From 1 April, council policy will state that half of all the bedrooms where there are 10 or more homes are in 'affordable' housing units. The minimum level is currently 30% but the local plan policy allows this to be reviewed each year in response to market changes. And developments within the town centre that offer less than 50% affordable hou...

HCA: The VfM questions all associations should be able to answer

23rd March 2015

By Matthew Bailes, director of regulation, Homes and Communities Agency  The debate on the value for money offered by the housing association sector is a long running saga.  Our latest set of regulatory judgements may be the most recent chapter, but it won’t be the final one. The problem is simple.  Customers cannot shop around and there are no shareholders to demand efficiencies and higher returns.  Given weaker incentives, how can stakeholders (not least the taxpayer) be as...