Earls Court council estates ‘look anything but sub-standard’

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones says the council estates near Earls Court earmarked for demolition by Hammersmith and Fulham Council as part of a major regeneration project look “anything but sub-standard”.

Jenny Jones – the Green Party candidate for next year’s Mayoral elections – recently visited the estates after she declared her support for the tenant takeover bid.

The council has written to the Government to try and quash the bid on the grounds that the redevelopment has wider benefits for the area. Residents in the two estates, it says, have been guaranteed a home in the 7,500-scheme if the redevelopment goes ahead.

Writing in next month’s 24housing magazine, Ms Jones (pictured far right with residents) said the council and the Mayor have an opportunity to really put control in local hands.

She said: “Boris Johnson promised to put on his high visibility clothing and boots to knock down the “sub-standard accommodation” himself.

“But as I walked around the estates with community organiser Jonathan Rosenberg and four local residents, it looked anything but sub-standard to me.

“The estates are a mixture of well sized flats and maisonettes in blocks, and some family houses that my guides said were only twenty or so years old. Apparently £15m has been spent in the past decade doing them up, so why on earth would anyone want to knock them down?”

“The estates are really a little oasis in the middle of an urban jungle. I was very surprised at how peaceful it is, with a lot of trees and wildlife. It looks like a pleasant place to live and the flat I was invited into was well designed, with good size rooms and lovely views.”

You can read the full feature in August’s issue of 24housing magazine out on Aug 4.