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£9000 lottery boost for Cutgate residents

26th August 2015

Residents at Ravendale Close in Cutgate are celebrating after benefitting from a £9000 Big Lottery Fund “awards for all” grant. The Ravendale Tenants Association successfully bid for £9,518 in Big Lottery funding to provide new furniture for the communal lounge and provide additional social activities, including aromatherapy and crafts. Ravendale Close residents Joan Littlehales and Glenys Thomasson oversaw the bidding process, with help and support from RBH Community Pa...

Rent inflation leaves us £1546 a year worse off

25th August 2015

Renters could afford to have every Friday afternoon off if rents had just risen by inflation over the past 15 years, analysis by Generation Rent reveals today. In real terms, landlords are receiving £1546 more per year from the average tenant than they were in 1998-99, according to data from the government’s family resources survey. Since 1998-99, the median private rent has risen from £71 a week to £128 – an increase of 80%. During the same time, the consumer pri...

Opinion: Discretionary housing payments

25th August 2015

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess responds to latest discretionary housing payments statistics: Discretionary housing payments offer a lifeline for tenants who need extra help with housing costs or to offset the harmful effects of the bedroom tax. 84,000 awards have been made up to June of this year. The Scottish government is providing £35 million this year to ensure every local authority in Scotland has sufficient funding to fully mitigate the bedroom tax whilst also protecting non bedroo...

Berneslai Homes tenants offered £50 discount to get them online

20th August 2015

Berneslai Homes and South Yorkshire Credit Union are working in partnership to help tenants get online, by offering a £50 discount on a great range of high quality devices.  An online roadshow has been organised visiting over 26 locations across Barnsley to promote the offer.  Tenants can come along and play with the devices which include laptops, chromebooks, tablets and iPads and ask all the internet related questions they can think of. They can also find out about credit union mem...

Gateshead casts net to catch loan sharks

20th August 2015

The Gateshead Housing Company and Gateshead Council recently joined forces with the national illegal money lending team to warn local householders of the dangers of ‘loan sharks’. Local teams hit the streets of Springwell in south Gateshead to encourage people to turn away from loan sharks and to report a crime if they have been a victim. The awareness campaign, which has been funded by crime money taken from convicted loan sharks, wants a reduction in the estimated 310,000 househol...

One-stop money shop for Sheffield residents

19th August 2015

Sheffield has become the first city in the country to pioneer a new approach that provides an alternative to high-cost credit and loan companies. Sheffield Money – the city’s new one-stop money shop – opened its doors to the public on Monday 10th August. The initiative sees South Yorkshire Housing Association working in partnership with Sheffield City Council and other city leaders to provide the people of Sheffield with a new way to access affordable credit, lower cost loans...

Southern Housing Group surplus tops £50 million

13th August 2015

Another g15 member has reported a huge surplus. Southern Housing Group had a net surplus of £51.9 million for 2014-15 (up from £37.3m in 2013-14), which it will use to invest in development activity. “Our sector is facing unprecedented challenges and our excellent performance in the past financial year will help us build on our foundations as a charitable social housing provider,” chief executive Tom Dacey said. “We don’t distribute our profits, so every penny...

New Glasgow mortgage guarantee scheme approved by council

13th August 2015

Glasgow City Council’s executive committee has today (13 August) approved a new and unique partnership mortgage guarantee scheme between the local authority and Glasgow Credit Union. This two-year pilot scheme will offer those prospective home owners who could afford to pay a mortgage, but have insufficient means of raising a deposit the opportunity to own their own home.  Typically, this deposit represents 5 – 25% of the value of the property and is a barrier to many people. ...

Council tenants set to save more than £1.4m in heating bills

12th August 2015

Sheffield council tenants are set to save more than £1.4million on their annual heating bills through a new initiative being delivered to thousands of council homes across the city. Sheffield City Council is installing heat meters to 6,000 homes, which up to now have been served by a communal ‘district heating’ scheme. Figures from the first 227 homes on the new system for a full year show households are saving an average of £238 on their annual heating bill. Resident Lily lives at Le...

Opinion: Benefit cap - a tax on being poor in London

10th August 2015

Figures released today show that 28,327 London households have so far been affected by the overall benefit cap, 45 per cent of all cases in the UK. Half lost over £50 a week, and 91 per cent had dependent children: Darren Johnson, Green Party member of the London assembly: “The benefit cap is a tax on being poor in London. It takes no account of private rents in London being twice the national average. Behind these numbers will be thousands of families having to leave their neighbour...