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HCA invites sector’s opinions on new proposals

30th January 2015

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has some new proposals - and it wants the housing sector to share its views on them. This week the regulator published two principal proposals, the first of which seeks to extend the scope of the determination to cover recycling of grant to all classes of registered provider; while the second plans to remove reference to Greater London and the Greater London Authority, “where separate arrangements are being consulted upon”. If you grasp any of...

Opinion: We are losing social housing, not gaining it

30th January 2015

Here, housing professional Neil Goodrich responds to councillor Mike Iszatt’s opinion piece on housing association funding and housing waiting lists. Every now and then an article comes along that, a bit like Top Gun, takes your breath away (oh my, that volleyball scene…). Whilst I doubt Mike Iszatt will ever be my Goose, or even my Iceman, after reading his article I did feel the need, not for speed but to counter his piece. The article’s opening salvo was to question whethe...

30-year bond leads to celebrations at RHP

29th January 2015

RHP is celebrating the success of its 30-year bond. "Following Standard and Poor’s (S&P) AA credit rating, RHP has gone on to secure the lowest 30-year own name bond issue ever achieved in the housing sector!" RHP said in a press release Thursday. "This was £140 million at an all-in rate of 3.3% at a spread of 117 basis points." RHP had received offers of over £560 million "within the first two hours of placing the bond". RHP chief executive David Done said: "We’re ...

UK's housing associations facing £1 billion bill as population ages

29th January 2015

The UK's ageing population could cost the country's housing associations an extra £1 billion by 2034, a think tank's new report has warned. The Smith Institute's 'Are housing associations ready for an ageing population?' study suggests that many HAs are unprepared to meet the needs of an additional half a million tenants aged over 65, concluding that, although social housing providers show high awareness of how their tenant population will change over time, they are not always factoring in the po...

Opinion: Councils need to stop funding housing associations

27th January 2015

Last week, councillor Mike Iszatt criticised Broxbourne Borough Council’s funding of housing associations. Here, cllr Iszatt outlines his concerns about the funding of HAs and the entry criteria for housing waiting lists… In the 80s, Margaret Thatcher started making us a nation of homeowners. Is it the government’s intention that we became a nation of housing association tenants? With 40% of larger developments having to be made up of affordable homes in our borough, it certainl...

£1 million in extra funding for tenants secured by housing association

27th January 2015

One of London’s largest housing associations has managed to secure £1 million in additional benefit income for its tenants over the past two years.  Network Housing Group's (NHG) welfare advisors teamed up with Brent Community Law Centre to provide tenants with free, independent legal advice about welfare benefits, debt, employment, housing and immigration services.  Susmita Sen, executive director of Network Stadium Housing Association, said: “We’re pleased that we&...

London's residential land prices up 24%

27th January 2015

Residential land values in prime central London climbed by 6.4% in 2014's quarter 4, taking the annual rise to a massive 24%. According to Knight Frank LLP's latest figures, 2014's strong price growth means that the cost of land in central London has soared by an astonishing 48% since September 2011. However, Knight Frank's Residential Development Land Index reveals that, though prices may have shot through the roof in the capital, the growth in land values across England and Wales slowed in 2014's...

Friday Feud: Right to buy – the disease that just won’t go away

23rd January 2015

24dash reporter Max Salsbury continues to bang on about right to buy... So, the social housing privatisation debate rumbles on – though it has changed its form. With the fireworks that followed the infamous Policy Exchange report that called for the creation of ‘free housing associations’ appearing to fizzle out a little, this week brought news of a Tory plan to extend the catastrophic right to buy to housing association properties. A little background. Under current rules, council tenants who have been ...

London house prices rose by £260 a day in 2014

23rd January 2015

Average London house values rose by £260 a day during the course of 2014, figures have shown. According to estate agent Marsh & Parsons’ latest London property monitor, the majority of the capital's property price rises were in the first half of 2014 and values actually dropped by 1.6% in quarter 4 - the first quarterly fall since 2011's Q2. The South London neighbourhood of Balham experienced the steepest rise in values, where homes soared by 21% last year. With the average Lond...

Sector reacts to Tory plan to sell housing association homes under right to buy

23rd January 2015

The Conservative Party is making plans to extend the controversial right to buy policy to housing association properties. Here the social housing sector reacts to the news: Colin Wiles, director of Wiles Consulting, said: “You can tell it's an election year. According to this week's Telegraph "senior Conservative cabinet ministers" are pushing the right to buy for housing association tenants with the receipt being used to "build more homes". Elsewhere in The Telegraph, ar...