First housing association says ‘no’ to Right to Buy deal

Sue Chalkley

Hastoe Housing Association have announced they will be the first to say no to the Right to Buy voluntary deal. 

In a statement on their website, they listed five main reasons why the group declined the deal. 

They said it rejected due to “the negotiations being based on the existence of two ‘threats’, the Rural Exemptions being voluntary, the very low proportion of affordable housing in rural communities decreasing further, the retention of the 30% discount potentially acting against new homes being built in rural communities and the definition of rural (Section 17 of the Housing Act 1996).”

Speaking to 24housing after the announcement, chief executive Sue Chalkley said: “This offer has not been properly rural proofed, rural communities only have 8% affordable housing now, compared to 20% in towns.  The offer brings a  serious risk that the current low volume of rural affordable housing will be further depleted.”

Hastoe manages over 7,000 homes in 62 local authority areas and “specialise in providing sustainable and affordable rural housing to enable local people to remain within their communities.”