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Housing law – A basic survival guide – Spring workshop 2016

12th February 2016

Do you know your secure tenancy from your assured tenancy? What do you do if a tenant wants to add someone to a tenancy, or give their tenancy to a family member? How can you use the new anti-social behaviour civil injunction to your advantage? Will mandatory grounds for possession make it easier to evict problem tenants? This course will cover: Secure tenancies, assured tenancies and assured shorthold tenancies Assignments of tenancy; subletting; relationship breakdown Tenancy transfer and ...

Merger code critics to speak at Line of Best Fit events

12th February 2016

Merger code critics to speak at Line of Best Fit events As housing association boards continue to weigh up their options around mergers, a new survey has revealed that 40% of chief executives are unlikely to sign up to the new sector-wide 'merger code'. 46 of 107 CEOs questioned said their association was "unlikely to adopt the code" because of a perceived "bias towards mergers". To find out why opposition is mounting - and explore whether mergers are right for your organisation - come along to ou...

Spotlight on data How to get your facts and figures right – first time, every time.

11th February 2016

Spotlight on data How to get your facts and figures right – first time, every time. Are you facing a deluge of data? Worried you might miss something in your returns? Recent regulatory downgrades for data errors have cast a spotlight on the need for accuracy. HQN's lined up a team of experts to help you get it right. Our 'Spotlight on data' event will provide practical guidance on exactly what needs to be submitted and when, covering all types of housing data from financial returns to the Ass...

Right to Buy - How to get it right

10th February 2016

Right to Buy - How to get it right Right to Buy is a major part of the Housing and Planning Bill. The government’s aim is to increase homeownership. This in turn will put increased pressures and demands on leasehold services, sales, home ownership and finance teams. There is a great deal of detail to get to grips with. It is essential to do this quickly so you are up to speed with the latest developments as the Bill goes through parliament and planning ahead. This practical workshop will h...

Sink or swim – legal hurdles to regeneration

8th February 2016

The myriad legal issues inherent in large-scale regeneration could stall many of David Cameron’s ‘sink estate’ improvement plans before they’ve even get going, writes Julie Loggenberg, Property Partner at Croftons Solicitors LLP. When the Prime Minister announced that the Government intends to spend £140m to regenerate 100 sink estates I found myself mentally totting up the cost of dealing with the legal issues which could quickly eat into the pot before a tower block c...

Opinion: What the bedroom tax court of appeal decisions mean

28th January 2016

There have been many reactions to announcement that the Court of Appeal has ruled that elements of the social sector size criteria – universally known as bedroom tax – policy are discriminatory and unlawful. Council tenant, full-time carer and one-time bedroom tax sufferer Rob Gershon offers his informed opinion on what this actually means. Even after nearly three years, there appears to be a staggering lack of understanding amongst government ministers, including the Prime Minist...

Funds to tackle criminal landlords ‘not enough’

22nd January 2016

New funding to tackle criminal landlords are not enough, argues a leading landlord body. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) was speaking following confirmation today of the 65 councils to share in the government’s £5m fund to tackle criminal landlords. Whilst the RLA welcomes efforts to root out criminal landlords, it is arguing that the money announced is not sufficient to tackle the minority of landlords who cause misery for their tenants. It is also warning that the funds ...

Housing associations urged to fight small claims following successful legal case

15th January 2016

Following a successcul legal case, housing associations are being urged to take a stand against the rising number of prosecutions being brought by tenants. Law firm Devonshires has succeeded in having a prosecution dismissed on behalf of Estuary Housing Association and also obtained a rare wasted costs order against the complainant’s solicitor.   The tenant started proceedings under the Environmental Protection Act, complaining that the condition of her house was prejudicial to her health an...

Crystal ball time: Croftons' 2016 predictions

14th January 2016

Most in the housing sector will be pleased to see the back of the ‘annus horriblis’ that was 2015. But the challenge will continue in 2016 as the implications of radical policy announcements become clearer, and housing providers look for ways to rise to the challenge and secure their long-term future. So if ever there was an opportune time to get the crystal ball out it’s now, at the start of another year in what many will look back on as an era-defining period for the sector. We ...

Over 2.5 million renters a year could be subject to new immigration checks

6th January 2016

At least 2.6 million people a year could be subject to new immigration checks when the government’s ‘Right to Rent’ scheme is rolled out across England next month (February). Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) analysis of the English Housing Survey has revealed that approximately 2.6 million adults moved into and within the private rented sector in 2013-14.  CIH said the number of people who will be subject to the new checks each year could easily be double that figure, ...