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Council sets out new rules to stop developers dodging affordable homes

20th July 2015

Islington Council is consulting on new rules to make it harder for developers to game the planning system and avoid building ‘affordable’ homes. Viability assessments are used to work out how much affordable housing developers can afford to build as part of new developments. However, since government changes in 2012 it has become standard practice for developers to use the assessments to argue that they cannot afford to meet local affordable housing, infrastructure and environmental req...

Opinion: Deep Roots, Diverse Communities, Dedicated Service

20th July 2015

Matt Cooney, Chief Executive, the Asra Group comments on the BME housing sector: The title of a new report by BMENational and the Human City Institute, captures the strengths of the BME housing sector. ‘Deep Roots, Diverse Communities, Dedicated Service’ confirms that BME housing organisations retain deep roots in the communities that founded them thirty years ago. They continue to meet housing, health, care and support needs, so anchoring and nurturing diverse communities. And offer...

UK's first 'family focussed' rent scheme kicks off in Greenwich

10th July 2015

Essential Living are planning an innovative ‘family focussed’ development in Greenwich’s Creekside Wharf. Royal Borough of Greenwich granted planning consent for the scheme, a UK first, where homes are designed, built and managed solely for family renters Creekside Wharf will comprise of 249 homes across two buildings designed by Assael Architecture. The development, part of a larger scheme across London and the South East, will deliver the UK’s first ever purpose bui...