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Opinion: We're ready to join the Renters' Army

6th May 2015

Private sector renter Fiona Elsted and social tenant Rob Gershon examine the suggestion that renters, uncatered for by the existing parties, might have to get involved in politics to set up their own goalposts: There has been a lot of commentary about what the political parties are offering the country through their housing policies, as the general election looms. There have been a broad set of offerings to entice people who are already home owners, and precious little talk about private or so...

Opinion: Shouting at the Round Table

1st May 2015

Rob Gershon, housing blogger, council house tenant, full-time carer, SHOUT campaigner and.. cook.. writes about his experience of the 24housing SHOUT Round-table. While secrets didn't form the bulk of what was discussed at the SHOUT round-table, the phrase that was most commonly repeated was: “This is off the record....”. Although I'd tried to cover the broad themes of the round-table while operating the @4socialhousing twitter account, this made a coherent live-tweet a bit proble...