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The only language they understand

James Tickell

June 2015

Barring accidents, we shall have a Conservative government for the next five years at least. So let’s face it. This will not be a golden era for most housing associations, nor for the communities and tenants they serve.

My housing career: Bill Lovat

Bill Lovat

October 2014

The Regenda Group’s regional director for housing and regeneration on how social housing can help boost people’s aspirations and opportunities. He writes from personal experience.

Training: The secret of success?

Catharine Hinton

July/August 2014

It’s easy to assume that training is a one-way street in terms of benefits bestowed – that whilst the trainee is gifted with the skills required to further their career, the organisation providing the training merely gains an employee with the skillset needed to do their job. But the rewards and insights that staff development can bring runs much deeper than that – particularly in the current housing sector landscape. Catharine Hinton, Housing Account Manager at Asset Skills Training explains.

My housing career


July/August 2014

The CIH Cymru board member, co-founder of the Council Homes Chat campaign and social media #powerplayer looks back on her career to date. She’d also like us to mention that she’s currently available for work!

Giving women control of their lives

Jakki Moxham

May 2014

Housing for Women is celebrating its 80th anniversary but its work is as important now as it’s ever been, says chief executive Jakki Moxham.


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