Diversity Audit: Have we made progress?

“Unless we keep the pressure on, we may look back in years to come and wonder why we let it slip”

Two years on from our commitment to promote more diversity in the housing sector, we publish the figures from our audit.

From January 2018-November 2018, we recorded 52% female contributors, 48% male, and 11%, BME across both online and print.

This is compared with 62% male contributors, 38% female, and 8% BME from September 2016-December 2017. We were proud of our progress but knew more needed to be done.

Much of the battle was to keep up the work we had done over 2018, continuing to partner with like-minded organisations and widening our contributor pool.

Diversity Total Contrib 2019

We said we needed to do more work on the representation of BME individuals in both print and online.

Last year, we were set a target of 14%. We hit that figure on the website but were under on the magazine and overall figures.

This year, we have surpassed that figure on the website, with 15%. But we are unfortunately still under the target on the magazine, only hitting 10%.

Diversity Web Contrib 2019

While this has risen by 1% from last year, it is still under the target we were set.

Overall contributions by BME individuals was at 12%, higher than the 10% from last year but we will aim to achieve our target next year.

We have already made steps to do this by aligning closely with the alumni of Leadership 2025 and Black on Board to increase of contributor pool of those from a minority background.

Diversity Mag Contrib 2019

Looking over the course of the year, the diversity of the magazine contributors once again varies, with some issues featuring more female contributors than male; others, more male contributors than female.

This inconsistency is something we are looking to be better at addressing, making sure the magazine is fairly representing all sides of the sector in every single issue.

We are edging closer to where we want to be, and we are delighted we are still able to play our part on the diversity push in the sector.

A big thanks must go to those in the sector that have supported the push and been a critical friend when needed. We are going to continue this push to give a fairer reflection on the sector, and we are always open to people putting themselves forward to help.

Unless we all work together to keep the pressure on, we may look back in years to come and wonder why we let it slip.