‘Fight discrimination at every level,’ urges planner’s leader

The new chairman of the Royal Town PIanning Institute has called for housing professionals to use their powers to fight discrimination.


He used a House of Commons meeting to urge the sector to rethink how the impact of policy decisions can improve lives.

Stephen Wilkinson added his voice to 24housing’s campaign to end discrimination in the housing sector by calling on his members to look beyond their traditional job remits. He also encouraged the housing sector to see planners as also having social values.

He became the latest name to highlight the impact discrimination linked to housing can have on the lives of residents.

Last month, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron pledged in 24housing to use evidence of abuses against vulnerable tenants as a way to change the law.

Wilkinson told the Out4Planning reception at the House of Commons that planners should be seen as people with a social purpose – rather than technocrats – and that his members should actively get involved in protecting marginalised or vulnerable people.

He told the 24housing-supported event: “People should fight discrimination at every level. Over 30 years ago, I used to work for Haringey Council.

“They were always raising money from the rates. But they were progressive. They understood that their policies had an impact on people’s individual circumstances. That’s very, very important.”