House That Made Me: Rebecca Rance

The Chief Executive of Newark and Sherwood Homes shares her love of being happy, having a helpful husband and the occasional beer!

  • Where was the first home, the one where it all began?

Burton on Trent, the national centre of brewing – not surprisingly I love beer.

  • She’s leaving home: remember that moment?

Already focused on housing and its influence on lives, I set off for Sheffield Poly to study housing, with my vinyl and Sony Walkman. Excited, opinionated and ready to have some fun – oh yes and study too!

  • Where do you live now?

Chesterfield, on the edge of the peaks and central to around a dozen breweries – beer and housing have both remained constant in my life to date and I can’t see me losing my passion for either any time soon.

  • What’s the first thing to do on arriving back home?

Thank my husband for helping me get my bags from the car – agile working means I always have bags, ask what is for tea and appreciatively say yummy in anticipation of what’s being cooked.

  • If you can keep only one item of your possessions, what would it be?

If I could only have one possession, practicality and drive for success would kick in and I would want to negotiate on the interpretation of possession, once successfully negotiated, I would choose my husband, more valuable than any possession.

  • You can live in your dream home, anywhere in the world. What would you choose?

Where I am happy.

  • Why does housing matter to you?

It is everyone’s sanctuary; a place to think, recharge and relax. To enable each of us to have our best chance to achieve our potential.

  • The house that mattered most? And what made it more than bricks and mortar?

All the houses I have been in, managed, developed, walked by, seen or lived in have mattered most. They are more than bricks and mortar because they have been a home or shelter for all the people who have chosen to live or stay in them.

  • The more than bricks and mortar memory moment that stands out?

Each and every time someone shows relief or joy to have a home or place of their own, or says thank you for fixing a problem to do with their home. That’s why it has always and will always be important. What we do matters.

  • Home is…

A precious thing that should never be taken for granted; some people do not have a place to call home. If that doesn’t motivate us all to find solutions to lower our costs, maintain high service standards and build or provide more homes affordable for all, it should.


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