#HousingDay looks to NHS-inspired weekly upgrade 

A national online media campaign promoting social housing could be about to go weekly.


#HousingDay, the annual 24-hour social media event celebrating the positive impact of social housing, could become a weekly online Twitter blog featuring people who live or work in social housing.

They would use a Housing Day-branded Twitter account to share their stories and experiences to highlight the benefits of social housing. The idea being considered by Housing Day creator Adrian Capon takes inspiration from a campaign in Sweden that enabled professionals and patients to share their stories about health services.

The National Housing Federation has told Capon it will either support or run the project.

A similar campaign run by NHS England has proved hugely successful featuring doctors, patients and NHS staff.

Capon, who works for Yorkshire Housing, told 24housing: “I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It’s an exciting possibility that gives an opportunity for lots of people who are involved with housing to share their stories of how it affects their lives.”

The NHF’s head of media and campaigns Rhys Moore, revealed the lobbying group’s interest at the annual NHF Comms conference last month.

He said: “It’s something we’re looking at. #HousingDay has been hugely successful and the NHS England account has shown what’s possible.”

So far, 20 organisations have expressed an interest in getting involved after the NHF revealed the plan to members. Deciding factors will be setting moderator guidelines and safeguards against online abuse.

Capon added: “I think it can be something really positive and I’d like to hear from more people about how we could make this work.”

Get involved: #HousingDay