Influencing the horizon

The Community Housing Cymru conference was full of ideas from government and sector leaders. But in the conference’s apprentice challenge, that is where the innovators were.


Three teams faced off against each other to win the votes of the conference faithful. The teams were called Daffs and Drags, Warriors and Team Dragons and delivered 10 minute presentations at the end of the second day.

Not usually known for packed crowds at the end of the conference, the session ensured everyone stayed and enjoyed themselves, with Snapchat videos, interviews and even some drama.

The teams were asked to think about what a housing association home will be like, who tenants will be, the types of people and skills that they will be working alongside in 2036.

They were also asked to think about what impact a housing association will have on the community, and how a future HA leader would inspire and motivate them.

The event was sponsored by The Prince’s Trust.


Speaking to 24housing, one of the apprentices, Bron Afon’s business admin apprentice Ellie George, said: “I have really liked the experience and meeting new people. It has been interesting to see the different jobs people have and the roles they play.

“I have learnt communication skills and what the future is going to look like, the importance of the community and how we support them.”


One of the mentors for the challenge, previous apprentice, Katie Howells, said: “This year, the standard has been really very good.

“This competition helps get apprentices into conferences, which I think is really important. There are a lot of executives here but they are getting to mingle with young people.

“Conferences are usually quite daunting, but this gives apprentices the purpose they need to speak to these executives.

“Last year, the conference helped me to gain confidence in public speaking. Everyone was told to have a go. Now I have used that experience to speak at other conferences.”