Project Focus: A modular model

The UK faces a crisis in the affordability and availability of housing, which leads to key workers and young people being excluded from the housing market.


Currently awaiting planning in Dunstable, this is where the first scheme for ZEDpod’s new modular-build eco homes comes in.

Designed with the highest possible quality and environmental performance in mind, this first development in central Dunstable comprises 23 one- and two-bedroom homes, with exposed timber finishes, open-plan living, exceptional daylighting and integrated appliances.

While small, each ZEDpod is a ‘Space Standards’ compliant home that provides a high performance, low energy housing solution that will place a minimal demand on existing services and infrastructure.

Features include photovoltaic roof panels, heat pumps for domestic hot water and optional battery storage, together with super-insulated construction and triple glazed wooden-framed windows.

Each unit incorporates its own front door and private balcony area.

The inside sports a fully fitted kitchen and dining area and a lounging space with TV, while stairs lead to a mezzanine floor with home office desk, double bed, good-sized bathroom, wardrobe and storage space.


The Dunstable site is positioned next to the college campus to take advantage of nearby local shops, schools, parks, public houses and restaurant. Retail and amenity provisions are also close by.

As a modular solution, the Dunstable development has all the benefits of off-site construction, such as rapid installation and minimal disruption.

The factory-build process, which uses a cleaner, less wasteful and more efficient dry construction technique, ensures quality and consistency while remaining robust.

The rapid construction of the wall, ceiling and floor panels enables follow-on trades to commence quicker, resulting in a build time measured in just days.

The pods are built to higher standards than most conventional housing, with exceptional acoustic and environmental performance, fire safe insulation and cladding.

Based next to Central Bedfordshire College, the site has been designed for keyworkers and young professionals working in the local hospital and ambulance and police stations.

With great transport links to Luton and to London, the site promotes increased electric vehicle usage and cycle travel.

The development also offers the opportunity to address the turbulent and uncertain times for the industry’s current workforce.

By partnering with a partner in Central Bedfordshire College, the development directly feeds back into the further education system and addresses skills gaps.

Central Bedfordshire College and ZEDpods will announce the modular construction course for high specification offsite homes for further education students.

This development will create cost-effective, high quality homes for key workers and young professionals.

Following the government’s recent guidance on the potential for off-site manufactured homes to solve the UK’s housing crisis, this development represents a chance to showcase how high-quality performance can be delivered via off-site construction.