Queen for a Day: Chloe Fletcher

The policy director at the National Federation of ALMOs dons her crown, moves to Norfolk and announces a fair policy for all.

Chloe Flatcher Queen

Queen for a day – a lovely idea until I realise that with great power comes great responsibility.

Having pondered simply enjoying the luxury of having staff to manage the household whilst I dress up in ballgowns and eat chocolate of royal appointment I decided I had better use my power for good whilst I have the chance, so….

I will downsize the royal household significantly and sell-off most of my houses, including Buckingham Palace to foreign property speculators, ploughing the windfall back into the Treasury.

I would try to set an example to other very well-off people to contribute more to society, pay more tax and take pride in supporting our national health service and social care services as well as investing in excellent education and good quality, truly affordable housing for all.

Homeless in London, Sandringham would become the sole seat of the royal family, shifting the focus away from London… to Norfolk.

Of course, government and business would take the cue and shift   their power, influence and investment to the other great regions of our land, easing the pressure on London and the South East in terms of house prices and development and spreading out the economic benefits of growth.

But first I would push government to ensure support services for homeless households were fully invested in to put an end to rough sleeping and provide the support some people need to rebuild their lives, find work and a home.

I would get the younger members of the family to publicly support the ‘Benefit to Society’ campaign, providing a royal patron and acres of good publicity, illustrating what both normal and wonderful things tenants living in social housing do and how they contribute to society and help make all of our communities’ good places to live.

I would hope that adding a bit of royal sparkle to the campaign the Daily Mail and others would be happy to print all the good news stories that we know are happening everyday all over the country.

Redistributing property wealth and rebalancing the national economy will take more than a day so I will impress on the government to ease the affordability crisis in housing and uprate the Local Housing Allowance rates again for the private rented sector.

Lower income families would be better able to pay their rent and be more secure in their homes.

Lastly, I would ask government to take a longer-term view of the country’s public finances. Increasing grants for social rented homes would ensure Councils, ALMOs and Housing Associations could build good quality, energy efficient, well designed homes that were truly affordable for ordinary people struggling to house themselves.

This would soon start saving the country money on the benefit bill whilst building a national asset for future generations.

Phew – housing crisis solved! I’m off to find the perfect ballgown to celebrate!