Tell us and we’ll act on LGBT housing discrimination, pledges Farron

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has pledged to help end housing discrimination against LGBT tenants.


Tim Farron MP gave his support to 24housing’s campaign to strengthen legislation, and called for evidence from across the sector to uncover the extent of problems faced by people in the private rented sector or seeking emergency housing.

His commitment came after being presented with a dossier of’s diversity series, which revealed incidents where LGBT people looking for a home had been subject to discrimination including violence.

He told 24housing: “It’s vital that people are treated equally when it comes to accessing housing, yet that is not always the case. We need to hear more about the experiences of LGBT people, whether in renting a home or accessing emergency accommodation, so that instances or patterns of discrimination can be exposed and stamped out.

“I am pleased that 24housing is digging deeper into this issue and appealing for evidence – it will help us find out what the problems are and whether action should be taken.”