The Housing and Health Collective

Aster Foundations Director, Cam Kinsella tells us how so much more can be achieved if we work collaboratively.


What is the Housing and Health Collective?

A place-based partnership of housing providers, the NHS and others that aims to create systematic change by bringing together housing, health and communities.

Why did you set up the Collective?

Housing, health and social care agencies have been subject to extensive and rapid change in recent years, resulting in a lack of understanding of one another and less collaboration.

Findings also suggest several different factors have been acting as barriers to effective collaboration, including the lack of resources and the introduction of markets into the provision of social care.

Lack of collaboration and over-competition has also perpetuated the inconsistency of local relationships and the postcode lottery of community-based services available across geographies.

What is the purpose of the Collective?

The Collective aims to create lasting collaboration between housing and health, reducing impact on acute/GP services, and reducing in-housing management costs; to build a supportive learning environment allowing partners in the Collective to learn, grow and create a consistent approach to relationships with housing and health; to work across our shared geographies to build programmes system-wide, reducing the postcode lottery of services available to our communities; to eradicate competition between our sectors/organisations when bidding for work which benefits our communities; and to ensure sustainability of the models we create through how we work within our community infrastructures.

What do members think?

HACT has said: “The HHC [Housing and Health Collective] will be pioneering new community-based partnerships that will impact communities across the south and south west. HACT is proud to support and be part of this new future for housing and health.”

While a Stonewater representative has said: “Having witnessed first-hand working within the NHS, the huge missed opportunity that there is currently with very limited collaboration between health and housing providers, I am excited to have the opportunity to be involved in this ambitious collective.”

NHS SCW has also commented, saying: “We are excited at the opportunities that the Housing and Health Collective offers to help communities across our geography, making a real difference to people’s lives.”

What is the future of the Collective?

We can do so much more if we work more collaboratively.

Truly aligning our values, speaking the same language and using resources as a common wealth to make real and lasting change.

This Collective offers growth opportunities, real learning and great relationships.

If you want to get involved, please get in touch.