2020 deadline set for decision on Affordable Housing Review recommendations

Housing and Local Government Minister Julie James last week accepted all but one of the Review’s proposals.


The Welsh government’s head of housing funding, Helga Warren, has revealed that her team must get the recommendations from the Affordable Housing Review concluded by early 2020.

Speaking at the CHC (Community Housing Cymru) Finance Conference 2019, Warren said reported that Housing and Local Government Minister Julie James had set a deadline of March 2020 to make a final decision on the Review’s recommendations.

Warren said: “We desperately need more money to start this process as soon as we can – the budget for us is key.”

Warren also outlined the governance structure for the implementation of the recommendations, which comprises:

  • An SRO
  • A programme board – with some “very” senior officials, including CHC chief executive Stewart Ropke
  • A programme implementation manager – Vanessa Walters
  • A steering group – Ian Williams and all the leads who are taking forward the Review’s recommendations

The Affordable Housing Review was published by the independent Housing Review Panel on 1st May this year.

Last week (9th July), Julie James said that she has accepted all but one of the recommendations made in the review, stating that she will respond the the remaining recommendation (on Help To Buy) in the autumn.

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