47% of councils have no plans for reducing emissions from built assets

New research has found local authorities in England are not prepared to deal with climate change.

Hand holding a model of a natural, green house

93 out of 214 local authorities (43%) say that they don’t measure all energy use in relation to their built assets, which include housing, facilities, offices and other council-owned buildings.

That is according to a freedom of information request from engineering services trade body ECA.

47% of councils say they do not have a plan in place for reducing the carbon emissions resulting from their built assets.

ECA Energy Advisor Luke Osborne commented: “It’s highly concerning that almost half of local authorities do not know how much carbon they are responsible for or have a plan in place to reduce this amount moving forward.

“Unless there is an imminent step change in their approach, it is inconceivable that councils are going to become carbon neutral in less than 30 years. There is a lot of rhetoric out there, but very few action plans.”

More positively, 166 councils (78%) say they are planning towards net zero operation by 2050.

Furthermore, 49 local authorities (23%) stated that they would be carbon neutral by 2030. However, 11 of these 49 councils do not currently know their own carbon footprint.


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