£88m Homes England funding to expand development programme

The partnership is set to deliver a further 1,400 homes for rent.


VIVID Homes have announced a further boost in the delivery of their housebuilding programme, with funding of £88.2m under a Homes England partnership.

The provider is said to have already delivered over 1,000 new homes in the year to 31st March, increasing its future housebuilding programme by over 50% since it was formed in 2017.

Under the Strategic Partnership contract, VIVID is said to be committed to building 17,000 more homes over the next 10 years.

Mike Shepherd, director of new business and development at VIVID, said, “We’re determined to give as many people as possible the chance to have a decent home.

“And are strongly committed to providing social rented homes alongside other tenures to create sustainable and thriving communities.

“We’re delighted to have signed our Strategic Partnership contract with Homes England. Partnerships are extremely important to allow us to provide essential housing vital to support the wellbeing of our customers.

“The partnership, alongside our strong results and growth so far, means we can extend our house building programme further to benefit many more people living in the south.”

Jackie Jacob, general manager of housing programmes, Homes England, added: “We have announced a total of 23 partnership deals with 28 housing associations who share our ambition to build the homes the country needs, totalling £1.74bn of investment.

“This partnership with VIVID will deliver a range of much-needed affordable housing across England, including homes for social rent and shared ownership.”

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