‘Braver’ Welsh Government can show how to handle homelessness

CIH Cymru says progressive recommendations in Welsh affordable housing review should set a cross-border example.


The Welsh government needs to “be braver” in taking a lead on tackling homeless deaths by reaching across the border and showing Westminster what can be done, says CIH Cymru.

ONS stats out today (20th Dec) show 13 homeless deaths in Wales of the 597 recorded as a combined total taking in England.

CIH Cymru director Matt Dicks said “to truly get to the root of the problem”, the Welsh Government must, through the affordable housing review, come forward with progressive recommendations and work closely with the UK government to address the cumulative impact of welfare reforms.

“One person dying on our streets is one too many. We must encourage the government to be braver in implementing longer term solutions – in practice this must mean increasing investment in housing-related support services that truly seek to find person-centred solutions.”

He added: “We also cannot afford to ignore the forces which profoundly impact some of the most vulnerable individuals in society – chronic shortage of affordable homes in Wales combined with the welfare reforms introduced since 2012 has created a toxic mix.”

CIH Cymru has welcomed as a start the £1.34m to tackle rough sleeping in Wales this winter, announced by new housing minister Julie James yesterday (19th Dec) – including £25,000 for every council in Wales.

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