ACM residential remediation on the up

But stats show works to 13 buildings being funded through a combination of existing funds and litigation action rather than government.


An update to the Building Safety Programme shows 34 of the 160 social sector residential buildings identified with ACM cladding systems had finished remediation – up six since the end of October.

Stats released by MHCLG confirm a further 82 buildings (51%) have started remediation – down five since last month.

MHCLG says this figure reflects new remediation completions with plans either in place or being developed for the remaining 44 buildings.

Funding for the remediation of 147 of these 160 buildings is provided from the government’s social sector ACM cladding removal fund.

Works for the remaining 13 buildings are being funded through a combination of existing funds and litigation action.

The social sector stats sit within and overall summary also showing:

  • 63 of the 441-high-rise residential and publicly-owned buildings identified with ACM cladding as having have finished remediation – including receiving sign-off from building control where necessary.

This leaves a total of 378 high-rise residential and publicly-owned buildings in England currently with ACM cladding systems that need remediation:

  • Of the 272 private sector buildings, 29 have finished remediation – up 10 since the end of October

18 have started remediation; 108 have a remediation plan in place but remediation has not started.

Building owners intend to remediate and are developing plans for 48 buildings; and remediation plans “remain unclear” for 69 buildings.

The number where plans for remediation remain unclear has fallen from over 200 in June.

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