Affordable Housing Review chair calls for more sector collaboration

Lynn Pamment emphasises “real opportunity” for housing associations in Wales to work closer together.

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Lynn Pamment, chair of the Affordable Housing Review, has called for the sector to engage in more partnership working and collaboration.

Speaking at CHC (Community Housing Cymru) Finance Conference 2019, Pamment said that there is “real potential” to collaborate more effectively, adding: “You guys need to step up to the mark in showing how housing does contribute to a frontline service.”

Pamment acknowledged that some level of collaboration is present within the housing sector in Wales, but said that there needs to be more transparency in the current regime to highlight that and to encourage other organisations to do the same.

“Partnership collaboration and working…you can do it in Wales on a scale that you can’t do in England,” said Pamment.

“There is a real opportunity for a nation of this size to work at a regional level – we are trying to set the bar higher.”

“We could see there were many opportunities to see more collaboration happen.”

Pamment was delivering a talk regarding the next steps of the Affordable Housing Review, which was published by the independent Housing Review Panel on 1st May this year.

Earlier this week (9th July), Housing and Local Government Minister Julie James said that she has accepted all but one of the recommendations made in the review, stating that she will respond the the remaining recommendation (on Help To Buy) in the autumn.

Responding at the conference, Pamment said: “We are really encouraged to see the Minister has accepted what we said.”

But added: “We can at one level chalk up success, but the devil is in the detail in terms of implementation.

“I would be really disappointed if, over the next few months and years, the implementations of the review got diluted.”



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