Association CEO set to retire

Richard Peacock, CEO at Soha Housing, has announced his retirement.


Peacock will have completed nearly 20 years as CEO of Soha.

He started his career at Manchester City Council then worked in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Dudley before becoming director of housing at Oxford City Council for 10 years.

With Richard’s leadership, Soha grew following a traditional LSVT start into a confident, community-based association where resident involvement is at the heart of Soha’s way of working.

Soha recently opened up shareholding membership to tenants to have the right structure underpinning the association’s ethos.

Richard said: “I am proud of Soha and the great staff and residents who have made my job so rewarding. I have always believed that housing is about people, place and community. Landlords need to be local and of an appropriate scale for the community.

“I am delighted to have helped Soha remain community-focused throughout the prevailing political and business fashions.

“Soha is financially strong, providing great services and growth, and is firmly committed to giving existing and future residents the real power to run their Association.”

Vic Breach, chair of Soha, said: “I want to thank Richard for his collaborative approach at Soha. He has led by demonstrating the value residents can make to housing.

“His passion for helping people take more interest and control of their lives will remain with us.”

Recruitment for the new CEO via Campbell Tickell will begin in January 2018.