Association fails to meet Home Standard under regulatory judgement

The Regulator says it is “seriously considering” the implications of the finding on Connexus’s governance grading.


The Regulator for Social Housing has found Connexus Housing has failed to comply with statutory health and safety requirements.

In reports, the Regulator says it is “seriously considering” the implications of the finding on its view of the Connexus’s governance grading.

In the notice, the Regulator states: “There have been failings in relation to ensuring solid fuel heating appliances are fit for use and do not pose a risk to tenant health and safety.

“Connexus has found that urgent remedial repairs to potentially dangerous solid fuel appliances had not been scheduled or completed in a timely way.

“This failing has arisen on a number of occasions over a significant period, and changes made by Connexus had not been sufficient to avoid recurrence.”

The Regulator added that it considers this case as a potential breach of the Home Standard which requires registered providers to have a cost-effective repairs and maintenance service in place.

Connexus Housing also has a statutory duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to conduct its undertakings in such a way that third parties (including tenants) are not exposed to risks to their health and safety.

The regulatory notice concluded: “Connexus has made some improvements to its approach to and systems for health and safety.

“However, the data quality work and integration of different approaches and systems still need to be carried out and completed.

“A programme is in place for this, and the regulator will work with Connexus as it seeks to address the issues which have led to this situation.”

Connexus was born from a merger in 2017 between Herefordshire Housing Limited and Shropshire Housing Group.

It currently owns and manages around 10,500 homes.

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