Better public services lead to a better life, a new survey shows

Improving public services is vital in making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged people in our communities, new research has shown.
Improving awareness of the services on offer, making services more flexible to meet the needs of people, and resolving funding problems were revealed as key issues.
Almost 1,000 people and organisations took part in a series of questionnaires and consultations organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Social Exclusion Unit last winter.
The research was organised and broken down into a number of topics, including excluded older people, young adults with troubled lives and disadvantaged adults who move frequently.
Local Government and Social Exclusion Minister Phil Woolas said: “The questionnaires and consultations have proved to be a valuable source of feedback in helping the SEU identity the areas in which work being carried out has been successful and, just as importantly, where further work and development is needed.
The next step is to take forward this work and continue to make a positive difference to disadvantaged people within our communities.”