Betts fights off competition to be re-elected committee chair

Clive Betts has been re-elected as chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee after a secret ballot.

Clive Betts has been re-elected as the chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, fighting off a challenge from David Lammy.

Betts is the Labour MP for Sheffield South East and was elected following a secret ballot open to all members of the House of Commons.

He said: “I am honoured to be re-elected by the House as chair of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee.

“Local government faces a number of challenges over the coming years and I hope the committee will shine a light on these issues, provide robust scrutiny of government policy, and propose constructive solutions.

“I look forward to the wider membership of the committee being nominated as soon as possible so we can get on with our work; there are a wide range of significant and important issues that the committee may wish to consider for future inquiries during this Parliament.

“Affordable housing and the need to increase house building remain high on the agenda and there are also ongoing questions around the future of devolution, and the funding of adult social care.

“The Grenfell Tower disaster also raises issues for potential review. I believe the committee should not seek to duplicate matters being looked at by the public inquiry, but there are issues, for example, regarding the effectiveness of building and fire safety regulations which the committee, once formed, may wish to consider.”

Betts will formally take up his position as chair of the committee when the remaining members of the committee have been named by the House.

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