Boris Johnson wants an end to affordable housing quotas

It’s the turn of the would-be PM to take time out from Brexit-bating and ‘go off on one’ over housing.


Boris Johnson has called for an end to affordable housing quotas in challenging Theresa May over Britain’s “disgrace” of a housing market.

Tipped as ready to topple May’s leadership, Johnson called the government out for – in his words – allowing the country to descend from a “great home-owning democracy” into a nation with lower home ownership rates among the under-40s than France and Germany.

These figures were, said Johnson, a “disgrace”.

He warned that younger generations would not feel “automatically sympathetic” towards capitalism given the proven difficulties of “acquiring capital themselves”.

May, said Johnson, needed to kick start the housing market in London – which he claimed drives the rest of the country – and to cut “absurdly high” stamp duty.

He also hit out at Labour, accusing them of driving down home building initiatives when the 300,000 homes the UK was building in the 1970s fell to around 156,000 a year under the Blair government.

“We need to tell Lefties to stop their ideological obsession with quotas for affordable housing on each development,” Johnson said.

The rant took in developers too – accused of “blatantly landbarking” to maintain “sky high costs” despite the recent Letwin review finding little evidence of such practice

Nevertheless, to Johnson, developers “have the land, they plainly have the cash, and it is time they used both to build the homes the country needs”.

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