Brokenshire says it’s the start of a new century for social housing

Communities Secretary tells successor social housing is “a foundation upon which lives can be transformed”.



Tipped to be out of office within hours, James Brokenshire urges his successor to secure a future for social housing as “a foundation upon which lives can be transformed.”

In a self-penned message, Brokenshire maintains “great progress has been made” with an extra 79,000 social homes delivered since 2010.

But he warns any successor it is vital this work continues.

“One century of social housing is over, and now another is beginning.

“We all owe it to both our past and our future to support people in social housing so that, in another 100 years, the country can be proud of the legacy we have bestowed to them.

“It is a force for good in our society: providing decent, affordable, secure homes for millions of families across the country, and a foundation upon which people’s lives can be transformed.

“It is something, 100 years on, I remain very firmly committed to,” he said.

To Brokenshire, today’s Housing fit for Heroes is built for “our nurses, our teachers, our social workers” in being about “more than bricks and mortar”.

He speaks of the “truly humbling experience” of hearing from Grenfell survivors and the challenge inherent in the stigma associated with social housing – so exposed by the disaster.

He effectively commits his successor to strengthening planning guidance to help ensure spaces can be shared by all residents and to launch a new design manual so that planning decisions promote social interaction.

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