Budget 17: CHC sets out welfare desires

Community Housing Cymru has outlined what it would like to see in tomorrow’s Budget.

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CHC is calling for a change in welfare reforms in tomorrow’s Budget.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, is expected to make a raft of housing and welfare-related changes, such as to Universal Credit and some more details on the supported housing announcement.

Universal Credit has been one of the main welfare policies picked up in the national media, with reports on a reduction in the six week wait ranging from five weeks to 31 days.

CHC is calling for the government to “mitigate the huge impact welfare reform is having on communities”.

Aaron Hill, assistant director of policy and public affairs at Community Housing Cymru said: “We are calling for the roll-out of Universal Credit to be paused so that design flaws can be resolved and improvements can be made.

“We believe that the UK Government could make significant improvements by shortening the waiting time from six weeks to four weeks, and make faster payments of housing support to prevent tenants falling into arrears.

“We would also like to see improved communication between DWP, claimants and landlords, which would make a big difference to people across Wales.”