Builders welcome reduced salary threshold proposals

The Federation of Master Builders has praised the Migration Advisory Committee report.

Builder building a house working on the roof

Builders have come forward to say that the reduced salary threshold for skilled workers is a plus for them.

The Committee have recommended lowering the current £30,000 salary threshold to £25,600.

Other findings include that roles such as carpenters and painters should be eligible for skilled visas.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) said: “Construction workers of all skill levels from labourers to site managers will be needed to deliver the Government’s ambitious housing and infrastructure targets.

“While there is much more to do to train up our domestic workforce, skill shortages and an ageing demographic will mean the construction sector will still need access to workers from outside the UK.

“Salary is not always a true reflection of skill, so it is very welcome that the Migration Advisory Committee has recommended that the salary threshold be reduced to £25,600.

“More than half of FMB members said that a £30,000 salary was higher than what they would typically pay, so it’s good that these proposals now reflect reality.

“The temporary visa route remains a concern, however. This route will need to have a path to permanent settlement otherwise many workers will simply choose to work elsewhere.

“The Government should consider giving temporary migrants the opportunity to complete training and settle on a skilled visa while remaining in the UK.”

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