Campaign launched to shed light on Cardiff’s housing crisis

Approximately 8,000 households are on the council’s waiting list for new homes.


A new campaign has launched in an attempt to bring light to the housing crisis in Cardiff.

In bids to address the 8,000 households that are currently on the council’s waiting list for new homes, Cadwyn Housing have launched the campaign – urging landlords across the city to let to those in need.

As well as those currently on the waiting list for homes, around 400 new applications are said to be added each month.

Currently, Cadwyn have just over 400 houses leased with them, but have said that they need more to ‘keep up with the demand’.

The launch of the groups #The400 campaign encourages private landlords to lease their properties through one of their schemes in bids to reduce the number of families and individuals waiting for homes.

According to the group, there are a range of reasons why families and individuals are at risk of being homeless, including a breakdown in relationship, harassment or intimidation, illness, difficulty paying a mortgage or rent, or domestic violence.

Helen Armstrong, Director at Cadwyn said: “Cadwyn has been leasing properties from private landlords for fourteen years.

“We are well experienced in looking after your property, guaranteeing your rent and we also give you the chance to help someone who otherwise might be homeless.”

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: “We understand the importance of a good quality home for people’s wellbeing and while we are doing everything we can to increase the amount of affordable housing in the city, including building 2,000 new council homes and buying back property from the market, there is still significant pressures on the housing waiting list.

“That’s why we are happy to support Cadwyn, and back their campaign to encourage more private landlords to work with them, to be able to provide decent homes for people who need them.”

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