Child homelessness figures branded ‘shameful’ under Tory government

A child loses their home in Britain every eight minutes according to a new Shelter report.


The rise in child homelessness figures under a Conservative government is “shameful”, according to Liberal Democrat spokesperson for housing Tim Farron.

As reported by 24housing, 135,000 children in Britain are homeless and living in temporary accommodation – the highest figure in 12 years, according to a report launched today (3rd December) by Shelter.

The report also highlighted the 5,683 homeless families with children currently living in emergency B&Bs and hostels – with some London boroughs seeing one in 12 children as homeless.

“No child should suffer the trauma of being made homeless, yet a lack of social housing and cuts to benefits are forcing hundreds of families out on the streets every week,” said Farron.

“This is just another shameful example of the Conservative’s failure to provide a safety net for those in need, and the fact that some of the wealthiest areas in our country are hosting the highest number of homeless children also demonstrates how inequality has flourished under their leadership.

“The Lib Dems have outlined a plan for a better future, which ensures that everyone has a decent home and includes a commitment to building 100,000 new social homes.

“The other parties pay lip service to this goal, but only the Liberal Democrats have the clear and credible policies to actually achieve it.”

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