Cladding removal causes damp and leaks in Cardiff flats

A senior councillor said removing the cladding had “caused some issues” but “immediate steps” were necessary to ensure tenant safety.

Lydstep flats, Gabalfa 2

Cardiff flats have been left with damp and mould after cladding was removed due to fire safety concerns.

Cardiff council stripped the material from Lydstep flats in Gabalfa after the Grenfell Tower fire, and resident Chris Stephens said he had been unable to sit in his lounge since Christmas due to damp and water leaking.

Cardiff council said it was helping residents ahead of work to replace the cladding next summer, and that it is paying £200 toward the bills of residents, some of whom own their own flat.

Mr Stephens said: “We cannot keep sitting in the bedroom. We have got to sort this out. In this day and age it is not on.”

He said that since the cladding was removed, he had had issues with damp and water coming through the ceiling and down the walls.

He has redecorated his home of 33 years, but said it was pointless trying to carry out any more work until the problem has been resolved.

A senior councillor said removing the cladding had “caused some issues”, but “immediate steps” were necessary to ensure the safety of tenants in high-rise blocks due to concerns about cladding which failed fire safety tests.

Lydstep flats had not been covered in an aluminium composite material (ACM), like that of Grenfell Tower. But tests showed it “no longer met current fire-safety standards and so was a potential risk to residents”, according to councillor Lynda Thorne, cabinet member for housing and communities.

Thorne said the the council would replace the cladding, put in new windows, and install sprinkler systems next summer.

“We understand that this means another winter without a permanent solution for residents and so, we will be offering additional ventilation systems and trialling temporary internal insulation for affected flats,” she said.

“The council is committed to delivering the improvements at Lydstep flats and will continue to make representations to Welsh government regarding funding the remedial work.”

But a Welsh government spokesperson said it had “no plans to fund remediation work” regarding non-ACM cladding.


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