Commons question confirms on-going Non ACM fire risk results

Housing minister says none of the materials tested so far present a risk like that of ACM.

Westminster in London next to the Thames

None of the materials so far subject to on-going Non ACM tests present a fire hazard like that of ACM, Housing Minister Esther McVey has said.

McVey was responding to a written Commons question from Labour’s Steve Reed asking what direct experimental information the Independent Expert Panel relied on for their assessment that ACM poses an “unparalleled fire risk” compared to other forms of cladding such as High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

The panel, McVey said, relied on the preliminary results of the bespoke Non ACM test, with government “committed” to publish the results of all the tests including these.

“Results of this research will be published shortly, this is to allow for further tests on additional cladding materials including timber cladding and Class D High Pressure Laminates of various thicknesses and manufacturers,” said McVey.

“So far, the results show that none of the materials tested present a significant fire hazard like that of Aluminium Composite Material with unmodified polyethylene core and other metal composites,” she said.

Reed also asked whether it was MHCLG policy ACM cladding should be removed from all buildings regardless of height.

McVey referenced published government advice saying ACM cladding with an unmodified polyethylene filler presented a “significant fire hazard” on residential buildings at any height with any form of insulation.

Action to remediate unsafe wall systems and remove unsafe cladding should be taken “as soon as possible,” she said.

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