Communication is key to ‘prevent another Grenfell’

Association for Project Safety (APS) president, Stella Clutton Saunders said that good design was more than just making sure buildings were aesthetically pleasing.

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According to Stella Clutton Saunders, president of the Association for Project Safety, the key to ensuring there is not another Grenfell Tower disaster is for professionals across the construction sector to work together and communicate.

In conversation with other construction industry leaders, Mrs Saunders said that good design was more than just making sure buildings were ‘aesthetically’ pleasing as safety considerations needed to be built in from the pre-construction point right throughout the lifecycle of any project.

A panel of experts considered how best to encourage the construction sector to work better across all its various disciplines as well as how best to engage clients and users in the process.

Mrs Saunders underlined the importance of listening and how it could be an effective tool for ensuring better buildings.

Stella Clutton Saunders also spoke at the, ‘In Conversation with the Presidents’ event at the Futurebuild conference at London’s ExCel conference centre today (6th March).

APS President Stella Clutton Saunders said: “Good design must go beyond good looks.

“Safety is an integral part of better building because, without it, we are building ugliness in at the core.

“The Principal Designer role is, uniquely placed to help people realise a common vision of buildings which are both beautiful and safe.

“I believe everyone in construction needs to work more closely across all the disciplines involved in getting projects from the drawing board to final use.

“It helps when we know our limitations and when to shout for help. But we also need to work together – including with our clients and end users – to overcome a traditional lack of collaboration.

She added: “I have high hopes for the future. Events like today’s Futurebuild event demonstrates a willingness to move forward together and to ensure that we can develop a framework that both ensures safety and creates the kind of places that are both pleasing and supportive to the people who live and work in them.”

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