Don’t miss the boat – protect hostels

Homeless charity St. Mungo’s launch petition to protect hostels.

Don’t miss the boat on protecting hostels for people who are homeless. Sign St Mungo’s petition now

Homelessness charity St Mungo’s is urging people not to ‘miss the boat’ when it comes to signing a petition to be handed in to government next Tuesday 10 October, World Homeless Day.

The petition is part of the campaign Save Hostels Rebuild Lives, which highlights that, with the right support, and the right kind of housing, people can recover and rebuild their lives after being homeless.

To make the ‘don’t miss the boat’ point, the charity worked with a photographer on Redricks Lakes, Essex, to come up with a striking image that shows a campaigner missing his kayak.

Almost 10,000 people have already signed the petition at

Jennean Alkadiri, campaign manager at St Mungo’s, said: “St Mungo’s wants the government to work with the homelessness sector to find a more secure funding system that can meet the needs of the thousands of people sleeping rough in England each night.

“According to latest official figures taken from a snapshot single night, 4,134 people slept rough in England last year. That’s a 134% increase since 2010. In London alone 8,108 people were seen sleeping rough during 2016-17.

For many people who have been homeless, the route to recovery is less than straightforward. Poor physical and mental health can be both a cause and consequence of homelessness, and without the right kind of support, it can be difficult to move on. Supported housing projects give people with complex or multiple physical and mental health needs an environment in which to recover and rebuild their lives.

“That’s why we don’t want people to miss the boat and to sign our petition before we hand it in to the communities and local government secretary and work and pensions secretary next Tuesday 10 October, World Homelessness Day.”

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