‘End Right To Buy’ to help build three million social homes

“It’s no good building new social housing only to lose precious existing council homes to Right To Buy”.

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Labour’s London Assembly Housing Spokesperson, Tom Copley AM says building social housing to the extent pitched by the Shelter/Social Housing Commission report means an end to Right To Buy.

“It’s no good building new social housing only to lose precious existing council homes to Right To Buy.

“The government must end this policy, which has resulted in the loss of 287,303 social rented homes in London in the past 40 years,” he says.

Copley recognises the report recommendations as a “benchmark for the level of ambition”.

London alone has seen fewer than 8,000 social homes having been built over the last five years in total.

“With more and more people being forced into the all too often precarious conditions of the private rented sector, it is clear that we need to see a historic renewal in social housing to provide safe, secure and affordable homes to Londoners,” said Copley.

“Shelter’s plan for social housing sets a benchmark for the level of ambition, the Government must now pull its weight, and work with the Mayor by putting the funding in place to secure the 30,000 new social homes that London needs each year,” he said.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing Wera Hobhouse said councils building social homes for rent is not only the “quickest and most cost-effective way” to produce the maximum amount of homes – but is  important due to the secure tenancy such homes offer vulnerable tenants.

“The Liberal Democrats welcome Shelter’s call for funding and more social housing.

“The current lack of social housing results in housing benefit going into the hands of private landlords, rather than councils – what is stopping this from changing is simply the lack of political will.

“The government must put forward an ambitious plan for building new social housing – the housing crisis is a human crisis (and) Ministers must take responsibility and start making a serious effort fix it.”


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