FBU wants tenants on post Grenfell fire safety forum

Union wants urgency on implementing recommendations from Phase 1 of the Grenfell inquiry.

Grenfell 1

Tenants get a presence on a post Grenfell forum the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) wants set up to implement recommendations from Phase 1 of the Grenfell inquiry with urgency.

The union calls for a “turning point” in UK fire safety in a letter to representatives from the government and shadow cabinet, the London Fire Brigade, the National Fire Chiefs Council, the Mayor of London, the LGA, the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, fire safety bodies and the Grenfell community.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, writes that firefighters, tenants, government and fire safety and housing specialists must work together to ensure “the lessons to be learned from this first phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry are put into practice”.

The 46 recommendations are laid on a variety of bodies with central government instructed to develop national guidelines for carrying out partial or total evacuations of high-rise residential buildings.

Other demands are made on the London Fire Brigade and fire and rescue service as a whole.

The FBU welcomes the Phase 1 recommendations and believes that many of them are long overdue.

But it wants tenants’ representatives to have a voice in all of these matters with  fire industry bodies helping advise owners and managers of high rise residential buildings on how to implement the most robust fire safety measures.

“The Grenfell Tower fire should be a turning point in fire safety across the UK (and) all relevant parties should be represented to ensure the recommendations are realised,” said Wrack.

“We wish to ensure that the lessons to be learned from this first phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry are put into practice and set a precedent for action on the recommendations that will be made in Phase 2,2 he said

Wrack ends the letter welcoming proposals from any organisation with a suitable venue to host the first meeting of the forum – saying the FBU would be happy to make such arrangements itself.

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