Focus Group catches London’s eye

The marketing agency with top London providers on its client list sees capital gains.


With L&Q, Notting Hill Genesis, Cataylst, and Peabody already on the client list, The Focus Group has its eye on the capital’s housing scene.

And to get a closer look the specialist property sector marketing agency with a reputation for innovation is moving there.

It’s not the longest journey out of Essex to London’s Liverpool Street station.

But to Focus an office based at the station itself is the perfect platform for a pitch at pole position amongst the UK’s full service property marketing agencies.

Dan Jones, the managing director of Focus on Media, said the new London office offers both a “massively exciting opportunity” and a “firm commitment” an expanding client base across London’s housing and property scene.

“(This is) an important first step in a much longer term investment plan that will see us grow our digital teams and invest in new technologies,” Jones said.

James Mercer, chairman of the Focus Group, said the move was made after “many years” of deliberation.

“I’m delighted to announce that we will be opening a London office, which all three businesses will be represented from.

“Based literally at Liverpool Street station, it is the perfect platform,  pardon the pun, for us to service our ever-growing London client base,” he said.

The new office is due to open on May 15th.