Framework launched to keep next generation of homes safer

The framework aims to encourage housebuilders to go beyond current regulatory requirements for accident prevention.


With falls said to be the biggest single cause of accidental death, a framework to help housebuilders ensure the next generation of homes are safer has been launched by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Safer by design: A framework to reduce serious accidental injury in new-build homes has been developed with industry experts, and encourages housebuilders to go beyond current regulatory requirements for accident prevention.

The report published today (5th December), outlines low-cost, practical interventions that can be “designed in” to address issues such as falls, poisoning, entrapment and burns and scalds, and has been adopted by leaders in the private and social housing sectors, with new homes set to be delivered in line with the guidance as early as next year.

According to reports, the framework deliberately does not address the risks associated with domestic fires because they are already the subject of detailed review following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

With 6,000 accidental deaths recorded in the UK every year – the home is statistically deemed the most unsafe place to be.

With their framework, RoSPA aims to reduce these numbers with small, evidence-based changes to house design.

By ensuring key elements of British Standard BS5395 are adopted, RoSPA argues it can reduce the 30 deaths, 1,000-plus hospital admissions, and 14,000 A&E attendances that occur every year on stairs built since 2010.

The report was launched with a reception at Westminster Abbey by RoSPA CEO Errol Taylor, RoSPA president Baroness Jolly, RoSPA trustee and emergency medicine consultant Dr Julian Redhead, and managing director of Orbit Homes Helen Moore.

On the launch, Errol Taylor said: “Our homes are the most dangerous place to be, and that’s particularly true for the most vulnerable – the under-5s, the over-65s, and the most deprived in our society.

“Unintentional injury places a huge burden on the country’s health and social care services, on the economy through lost working time, on companies through reduced productivity, and on the wellbeing of our families and loved ones.

“Both Berkeley Group and Orbit Homes are in the process of building new homes in line with the framework’s recommendations, so we know Safer by design is technically, practically and economically viable – we expect the first homes built to the Safer by design framework to be completed in the new year.”

The framework is the result of a partnership between RoSPA and Berkeley Group.

It is expected that Berkeley will complete homes built to a Safer by design Gold standard at its Kidbrooke Village development in summer 2020.

Barry Oliver, Berkeley Group health and safety executive, said: “We are pleased to be adopting the Safer by design framework as part of our long-term partnership with RoSPA.

“It fits well with our core mission of building fantastic homes, strengthening local communities and improving people’s lives. Our first Safer by design properties will be completed next year as we roll the initiative out across the different businesses in the group.”

Helen Moore, managing director at Orbit Homes, said: “Orbit is passionate about delivering thriving communities and therefore customer safety is paramount.

“Safer by design is closely aligned to our own design standards, which ensure that safety is designed in and therefore our customers will be able to live more safely throughout their occupation.

“Orbit is extremely proud to be working with RoSPA standards that go above and beyond building regulations. This ensures that customer safety is at the heart of what we do.”

New homes and developments being built in line with the framework can apply for Safer by design Silver, Gold or Platinum status.

Points toward these standards are accrued for each recommendation within the framework adopted, with more points equalling a higher overall standard. Each development is then able to display the Safer by design branding.

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