General Election 2019: The housing sector reacts

Housing sector figures have been reacting to a landslide Conservative win in the election.


After Boris Johnson and the Conservatives comfortably won the election last night, the housing sector has started to react and get used to the fact that the fight for genuinely affordable housing might have got that bit harder…

This story will be continually updated as more reaction comes in.


Kate Henderson, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation

“Housing associations will be looking to the new Conservative government to quickly deliver on its welcome manifesto commitment to renew the Affordable Homes Programme. Our members urgently need certainty about future funding to continue building thousands of affordable homes, including homes for social rent.

“The housing crisis has not gone away and we will be redoubling our efforts to build new homes, end homelessness and ensure everyone has the support they need to live with security and the dignity they deserve.

“We will also be renewing our calls on government to bring greater clarity on the critical issue of building safety, and to take a strategic lead in coordinating a national programme of works.

“Together with tenants, our members look forward to partnering on the Social Housing White Paper to ensure a new deal for social housing.”

Gavin Smart, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Housing

“We know that for far too many people in our country housing isn’t working and at CIH we know what needs to be done to change this.

“We are ready to work with the new government to put in the place the measures needed to create a future in which everyone has a safe, secure and affordable place to call home.”

Nicholas Harris, Chief Executive, Stonewater

“We welcome a majority government and hope that a more certain political landscape will now see housing rise to the top of the domestic agenda.

“Many manifesto promises were made towards tackling the nation’s affordable housing crisis and delivering the number of homes this country so desperately needs. It will take vision, partnership and real commitment across government, local authorities and our sector to tackle the challenge.

“In a wider sense, we also hope to see an end to the division and uncertainty that has dominated recent times. I’m sure that businesses and communities alike will all benefit from renewed clarity, co-operation and unity.

“We look forward to working with the new government at all levels, and with our local MPs, to help shape the detail of housing policy and be part of the solution to provide the affordable homes that are so badly needed, by so many.”

David Montague, Chief Executive, L&Q Group

“This new Conservative government has been given a very clear mandate to end the uncertainty of Brexit and re-focus on crucial domestic priorities like housing.

“Many communities have voted Conservative for the first time, and the government must take an inclusive approach to housing by delivering quality homes and thriving neighbourhoods for everyone.

“This means there has to be substantial support for social housing, as well as home ownership.”

Mark Perry, Chief Executive, VIVID

“Everyone needs a safe and secure place to call home. We urge the government to commit deeply by bringing even more much needed investment to build more affordable homes.

“Following this result, we’ll continue to form new and strengthen existing relationships with national and local government organisations to provide more homes and improved services and support to people in the south.”

Jane Ashcroft CBE, Chief Executive, Anchor Hanover

“The election result is Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s opportunity to deliver on his promise to fix social care once and for all.

“We now have a crucial opportunity to address the deepening social care crisis. Whilst we welcome pledges for funding and promises that no one has to sell their home to pay for care, time and time again we have seen promises from politicians amount to nothing. The new government must prioritise social care and deliver a sustainable solution to address the funding crisis.

“Successive governments’ failures to meaningfully reform social care has left the sector forced to survive on a string of emergency cash injections.

“After years of inaction, our ageing population is rightly concerned. Whilst 89% of people think social care reform should be a priority for politicians, only 45% believe politicians recognise it as such.

“Only by following through on its commitment to reform social care, can government restore public trust and provide peace of mind for today’s and tomorrow’s older people.”

Brian Berry, Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders

“The new Conservative government has a golden opportunity to sort out Brexit and set out its new vision for the UK. Building the homes and infrastructure that this country needs has to be a key priority to help drive the economy forward.

“The government needs to back the nation’s army of small builders, by delivering on the promised £3bn National Skills Fund, investing in quality through a licensing scheme for the whole UK construction industry, and supporting local builders to retrofit the millions of homes that need to be upgraded to low carbon.”

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive, Community Housing Cymru

“With Boris Johnson now confirmed as prime minister, we are calling on the UK government to place tackling poverty and reducing inequality at the heart of their programme for government.

“Further improvements to Universal Credit are vital to ensure that people receive the support they need, when they need it, and prevent homelessness.”

Alan Jones, President, Royal Institute of British Architects

“The new government must bring the country together by turning promises into action.

“We need critical investment to solve the housing crisis through high-quality planning and homes, initiatives to tackle climate change and complete reform of our fire and building safety regulations to keep people safe.”

Crispin Truman, Chief Executive, CPRE

“We’re urging the new Conservative government to invest in rural communities to ensure the countryside can thrive and that those communities are not left behind.

“The new government needs to address urgent challenges such as providing genuinely affordable homes, supporting rural businesses, and investing in de-carbonised public transport.

“Johnson claimed in his speech this morning that he wanted the UK to be the greenest and cleanest in the world.

“Therefore, plans must be announced in the first 100 days of his new term to invest in renewable energy, invest in public transport, improve the energy efficiency of our homes and shift farming from a carbon source to a carbon sink.”

Nick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Group

“Boris committed to solving the social care crisis in one of his first campaign speeches. Big words. Now he has the mandate to put his words into action and the time has run out for excuses.

“The new government must stop using the NHS and social care as a political football and be brave enough to implement genuine change. Removing the need for people to go to hospital, reducing the strain on the resources of the creaking social care system, would go a long way.

“Specialist housing is proven to do just that. We need to bring together housing, social care and health policy to create holistic solutions that actually make a difference.”

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive, Royal Town Planning Institute

“The RTPI congratulates Boris Johnson and the Conservatives on their victory in the 2019 General Election.”

“We urge them to now act fast to ensure planning and planners are adequately resourced to enable local planning teams to deliver for communities.

“There is now a golden opportunity to invest in the much needed infrastructure to unlock the potential to deliver the communities that people want to live in. Strategic planning can play a key role and we urge the incoming Government to embrace it and more forward with further devolution.

“Over the past decade, local authority planning teams have seen a reduction of 42% in funding, a situation which must now be urgently addressed to enable us to meet the challenges ahead.”


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