GLA calls on housing providers in London to create diverse leadership

The Leadership 2025 programme has been celebrated for its first year success as it launches Year Two.


Sadiq Khan has called diversity “one of our greatest strengths” at the celebration event of its first cohort and launch of the second year.

He said: “Completing this leadership development programme is a huge achievement, and you should be incredibly proud.

“The housing crisis is one of the single biggest challenges facing London today, and if we are going to tackle it, we need to draw on the talents of people from every background and community.

“Because when we harness the energy, ideas and imagination of all Londoners, we stand a much better chance of success. That’s why London’s diversity is, and always will be, one of our greatest strengths.”

Speaking at the event, James Murray, Deputy Mayor for Housing, added: “It is great to celebrate the success of the first year of Leadership 2025.

“London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and it is vital for housing providers to nurture talent from BME communities.

“We need to make sure all Londoners can play their part in building the social rented and other genuinely affordable homes we need, and that leaderships of organisations reflect the city they serve.

“I am pleased that City Hall will continue to provide support and encouragement to the housing sector’s next generation of leaders.”

Leadership 2025 participants are chosen through a rigorous selection process from a range of housing organisations, including some of the largest and smallest in the country.

In addition to the formal learning, they receive mentoring advice from current housing sector leaders, attend masterclasses on technical aspects of housing association leadership and receive exposure to leaders in other sectors.

Gina Amoh, Chair of the Leadership 2025 Steering group, Chief Executive of Inquilab HA, and Chair of BME London Group of 14 BME Landlords, said: “For our sector, it is specific, tailored and relevant.

“We want to have a pool of talented leaders in our sector from BME backgrounds, recognised for their leadership qualities and pushing for opportunities to be directors, executives and on boards across our sector.

“But to do that we need more organisations to sign up to the Altair Review 5-point plan of action and make it real.

“We are delighted that the GLA will shine a spotlight on performance, but this is a national issue, so we need the whole sector to step up.”

Steve Douglas Co-Chief Executive from Altair, who conducted the Altair review, said: “We’ve had some great engagement from housing providers who accept the challenge and take ownership of the issue.

“And some great examples of housing associations making the change, without dropping the talent bar. But there is more that can be done.

“And the 5-point plan is a simple but effective way to start.”

The programme is sponsored by L&Q, Optivo, Network and BME London, and is supported by housing consultancy Altair.

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