Government Right To Buy pilot progresses in Midlands

An initial deal was made with the NHF 2015 following a promise made in the Conservative manifesto.


As reported by 24housing, last year, the government launched its Voluntary Right To Buy pilot in the Midlands.

It followed on from the deal made with the National Housing Federation in 2015, after a promise made in the 2015 Conservative manifesto.

The government provided £200m for the pilot, with places allocated via a ballot to ensure fairness for applicants.

Under the scheme, Stonewater, which owns around 8,200 homes in the Midlands have reported the progression of the pilot, with 409 customers said to be successful in the ballot of the scheme.

In reports, 71% of those customers then went on to apply under the Voluntary Right To Buy scheme, with a further 75 customers accepting formal offers.

Stonewater has confirmed that 11 have already completed the purchase of their home, with an estimated 170 said to proceed in the purchase of their home through the current applications under the scheme.

Working closely with Homes England, the association has said they “remain committed” to replacing all homes sold under the pilot on at least a one-for-one basis with social and affordable housing.

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