Green space ‘vital’ to all future homes under new Mayoral plans

Sadiq Khan has signalled support for schemes ensuring London residents are no more than 1,000m away from protected landscapes.

sadiq khan

Developers could be forced to provide all future homes with green space, under new plans being considered by the mayor of London.

According to reports, a fifth of London is more than a kilometre from areas of nature, even though green space accounts for 47% of the city.

Sadiq Khan has signalled support for schemes to make it easier for all residents of the capital to enjoy areas away from buildings and traffic if he secures a second term in City Hall.

Plans also outline that all future developments should guarantee every resident is no more than 1,000m away from a patch of land that isn’t covered in concrete or tarmac.

The initiate has also been backed by wildlife activist David Lindo, who wrote of how he felt “shut out” of nature as a young black man growing up in inner-city London in the 1970s.

He said: “It was often about saving spaces in leafier areas, rather than improving the run-down spaces of inner urban neighbourhoods.

“Camley Street Natural Park in run-down King’s Cross, saved in 1982 and then re-imagined as a wildlife oasis, was one of the exceptions, but I never felt that addressing the environmental injustices of communities living in poorer, rougher, more polluted neighbourhoods were fully embedded in much of this work.”

He warned that the UK was becoming “an increasingly internalised society” that was less connected with and “even fearful” of the natural world.

Lindo added: “We need to be less protective, bolder, and braver to reimagine how London should look and sound. We must be greener rather than greyer.”

Speaking ahead of publication, Khan said: “Access to nature should be available to all Londoners, regardless of wealth or background.

“David Lindo’s vision of bringing nature closer to people is exactly the kind of idea that London needs to ensure we remain one of the greenest cities in the world and face up to the challenge of tackling a climate emergency.”

The recommendations are among a series of proposals aiming to stimulate debate ahead of next year’s London mayoral elections.

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