Grenfell survivors ‘forced to use foodbanks’

Labour MP wants answers over what’s happened to the £20m raised in the wake of the disaster.


Survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster are being forced to use foodbanks – despite £20m having been raised for them.

Kensington MP, Emma Dent Coat, wants to know what had happened to the money when she made the startling revelation at the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Dent Coat, elected a week before the disaster in June, called out Kensington and Chelsea Council for ‘unprecedented incompetence’ concerning the welfare of the stricken residents.

The MP claimed a ‘computer glitch’ meant one family could not get any money and had to rely on a foodbank to eat.

She also said that one disabled woman had been ‘completely forgotten’ by her carers and had ended up living in her own excrement.

“After three months in hotels, people are losing hope and their physical and mental health is deteriorating fast.

“One woman is stuck in a frankly shitty hotel and is very, very low. She is about to give birth and she has nowhere to go.

“There is a volunteer working with her who has had to beg for clothing from Mothercare – where is the £20m which has been collected for these people?

“Survivors from Grenfell forced to go to foodbanks. It’s absolutely shocking,” said Dent Coat.

Earlier at the conference, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott demanded a take-over of Kensington and Chelsea Council – blasting the “shameful” response to the Grenfell disaster.

The disaster, she said, was a “direct consequence” of deregulating fire standards and inspection, privatisation and outsourcing.

Abbott said: “When the disaster struck, the Royal Borough’s response was shameful. Even now, out of the all the families made homeless only a handful have been offered permanent homes – and this in a borough with over two thousand empty properties.

“Am I the only person wondering why commissioners have not been sent into the failing Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea?”

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