NHF chief calls for collaboration between associations and local authorities

“We need to do more together.”


NHF CEO, Kate Henderson has called for improved collaboration between housing associations and local authorities.

Speaking at the 2019 Local Government Association Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Conference, Henderson said: “We need to do more together.

“There’s a lot we have in common that perhaps we don’t talk about enough.”

Henderson added that improved collaboration would ameliorate the “hundreds of housing crises” present in the UK.

When 24housing asked whether, due to the government’s preoccupation with Brexit, it is more important than ever for housing associations and local authorities to work together, she responded: “I think local authorities and housing associations should work together whatever the circumstances.”

Henderson highlighted four key areas of focus in her speech:

• Purpose: “It’s clear that what we do as a sector is supporting people to live healthy lives”

• People: Henderson cited the 1.7 million homes housing associations provide, housing six million people

• Place: “There isn’t just one housing crisis – there’s hundreds of housing crises”

• Partnership: “As a sector, we are doing some great partnership working…but there’s so much more we can do together”

Henderson became NHF CEO in October last year, after serving as CEO of the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) for eight years.

She took over from David Orr, who retired after serving as leader for 13 years and a 30-year career in the housing sector.

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