Housing and homelessness response for Churchill Fellowship winners

Worldwide innovations in housing and responses to homelessness are to be explored by winners of Churchill Fellowships.


Six prestigious Churchill Fellowships will be announced for UK citizens to travel the world and research new ideas for housing and homelessness response.

The issues they will cover are said to range from housing in protected rural areas to campaigning strategies for tackling homelessness, and more.

The award winners and their projects include models of affordable housing in protected rural areas, Rima Berry, a charity worker from North Yorkshire, who will travel to the USA.

She will use her findings to influence Yorkshire Dales National Park planning policies.

Rima said: “Protected landscapes and National Parks not only conserve habitats, they conserve cultural values –communities and people who maintain the farmed landscape.

“Affordable housing is an escalating issue, determined by the disparity between low local wages and a market driven by external forces, such as tourism.

“Pricing communities out of the housing market impacts on the landscape, culture and heritage.”

Political campaigning strategies for tackling homelessness: Hannah Gousy, a charity worker from London, who will travel to Austria, Canada, Spain and the USA.

She will use her findings to influence policy change around homelessness in the UK.

Hannah said: “Working at Crisis, the national homelessness charity, I see first-hand the devastating effect homelessness has on people’s lives.

“It’s essential that we get a long-term political commitment in place to end all forms of homelessness so that everyone can live in a safe and secure home.”

Combating homelessness through joint commissioning: Graham Ord, a charity worker and veteran from Sunderland, who will travel to the USA.

He is said to use his findings to lobby councils and non-profit organisations to take a joined-up approach to reducing homelessness in the UK.

Graham said: “I work in the field of homelessness and it is a daily battle. I hope we can stop homelessness and the trauma it causes.

“I feel there are definite improvements within funding that can further help the individuals we support.”

On the awards, Julia Weston, CEO of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT) said: “Churchill Fellows are inspiring individuals who scour the world for fresh approaches to today’s crucial issues.

“It’s a unique chance to make change happen.”

The next round of applications will open on 16th May 2019, and every UK citizen over the age of 18 can apply.

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